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Colour War

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 ← Return to listing

Colour War

Each summer at Camp Cooper we have our famous colour war. From the first day of Camp, every camper wants to know what team they will part of - red or blue?

As the colour war draws closer, the excitment grows until the final dinner before the games. The whole Camp excitedly await as each group finds out what team they are part of. A cheer erupts from the crowd as another cabin group join their team.

As the teams form, the room turns to a sea of red and blue. The team leaders lead their teams to different areas of Camp to create team cheers & songs and talk strategy for tomorrows full day of games!

The campers awake the next morning to a transformed camp, decorated in red & blue. The games begin after breakfast with every point counting towards the final score. Campers compete in tournaments, scavenger hunts, competitions and games. As the day draws to a close, the final activity begins, each camper has a special part to play in our around the camp relay. The baton passes between every camper until the finish line. 

As campers and staff anxiously wait, the Camp Directors count up the scores from the day. When the final points are anounced, the crowd once again erupts in cheers, smiles and hugs.

We finish the day with a relaxed barbeque, however it's only a few minutes before campers excitedly say "only 365 days until the Camp Cooper Colour War!"