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English Language Testimonials

English Language Testimonials

Parento of Valvara (11 Year Old Camper from Russia)

"A few days ago I suddenly realized that she enjoys speaking with me more in English, than in Russian - it's no less surprising... She is used to reading a lot in English, but she was lacking speaking practice, listening to live language, native speakers and getting a real feel of various words and expressions in specific context. Camp Cooper was a perfect place for her to get all this. 
Varvara was most shocked with a positive and encouraging attitudes of all the tutors and other kids at classes, games and competitions, when everybody really helps each other, rejoices at others successes and not disappoints of disapproves the losses. Such attitude is quite different from the one in her environment. We strongly believe that she has become brighter, more joyful, more appreciative of the best human features, of friendship and good will."

Parent of Rodrigo (14 Year Old Camper from Spain)

"Thanks for everything! And EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!. Rodrigo has really had time of his life and he has improved his English very much. We hope he can keep in touch with his new friends and he wants to come back next year."

Danielle (12 Year Old Camper from Israel)

"My English has improved and even more so my confidence in speaking English thanks to all the electives and especially Ryan who I took English with"

Parent of Claire & Elaine (12 & 10 Year Old Campers from France)

"My girls really appreciated the camp. They had a great experience. They improved their English level and confidence while having lot of fun. They are definitively willing to come back next year. Thanks for everything! I highly recommend this camp even for non English speakers!"