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Who's Cooper?

Who's Cooper?

Cooper is our fun loving, gentle and lovable Welsh Springer Spaniel. Cooper has spent his life growing up on a summer camp, travelling the world and chasing tennis balls.

Cooper was born in Ohio before moving to Cape Cod, Massachusetts at 8 weeks old to live with Donna and Hiran. At Camp, he learned to swim in the lake, canoe, chase tennis balls, perform in talent shows, comfort homesick campers and make many camper friends.

Before returning to the UK to be the Camp Cooper's mascot, Cooper experienced life as an international, living in Canada for 2 months where he discovered his love of chasing squirrels.

As Cooper waits for another fun summer at Camp to begin, he spends his year going on lots of walks (where he aims to get as muddy and wet as possible), hanging out with his doggy friends and counting the days till summer begins.