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Working at Camp Cooper is a life-changing experience!

It's a big commitment - it can be hard work, and there are some long hours - but with big commitment comes BIG reward, and the reward for our staff will be a summer of fun, laughter, challenges and incredible memories. You'll have tons of fun taking part in new activities and sharing your talents; you'll learn to turn any item of clothing into a costume and best of all, you'll realise the positive impact you can have on the lives of our incredible campers.

  • How to Apply & Assessment Process How to Apply & Assessment Process Our assessments are a time to get to know you and see you interact with others. Our assessments are a relaxed affair; we make sure there is lots of fun, games and laughter.
  • Cabin Counsellor Job Description Cabin Counsellor Job Description **Positions Filled** The cabin counsellor is a role model, friend, leader and mentor for our campers. Each counsellor is responsible for a cabin group of 8 - 12 campers - living, eating, laughing, supporting and organising activities with their group.
  • Programme Director Job Description Programme Director Job Description **Position Filled** The Programme Director is responsible for the running of all our activities at Camp Cooper, including our All-Camp events. The role offers a significant amount of responsibility and leadership.
  • CIT Director Job Description CIT Director Job Description **Position Filled** We are looking for an experienced Camp Counsellor who is looking for a new role at Summer Camp. The CIT Director role is a leadership role at Camp Cooper - you will also be assisting with all aspects of running Camp.
  • Office Manager Job Description Office Manager Job Description **Position Filled** We are looking for an Office Manager that is super organised, loves logistics and wants to work behind the scenes to ensure Camp runs smoothly.
  • Staff Training Staff Training Our 6-day intensive staff training week is a critical part of Camp Cooper. We set the tone for the summer and learn how to create a fun and positive atmosphere, how to run creative activities and how to ensure the campers are safe.
  • Counsellor In Training Programme (for 17 & 18 Year Olds) Counsellor In Training Programme (for 17 & 18 Year Olds) We offer a unique Counsellor-in-Training Programme for 17 & 18 year olds. This leadership programme allow young people the chance to develop and learn the skills needed to be a Counsellor and youth-worker.