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Campers will learn the fundamental elements of film-making. It will be an elective bristling with creativity and expression!

We use Canon D700 Cameras as our main equipment.

Set Up

You will learn about assembling, preparing and setting up equipment prior to filming, including the camera, tripods, lighting, cables & leads and headphones.

Framing and Composition

Learn how to create great shots. You will get the chance to create scenes using different camera angles and composition. Get hands on practical experience of taking shots from different angles to create dramatic effects.

Story Boards & Script Writing

Time to get creative! Brainstorm ideas on a film and put together scenes for the movie masterpiece. Help write the script and learn how to put together dialogue and scenes to create drama and action.


Campers will get the chance to feature and star in your own movie. Learn how to act and perform in front of the camera.


We will take you through what is required and what it takes to direct a film. You will be given the chance to direct scenes in the videos and be in charge for the day!

Lighting & Audio

Discover how to use special lighting & audio effects to enhance your shots. 

Editing Footage

Learn how to cut the shots, place them in order, create and input effects and ensure sound and picture quality on the films. You will gain the experience of putting the films together on our Apple laptops.