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Working at Camp Cooper is a life-changing experience!

It's a big commitment - it can be hard work, and there are some long hours - but with big commitment comes BIG reward, and the reward for our staff will be a summer of fun, laughter, challenges and incredible memories. You'll have tons of fun taking part in new activities and sharing your talents; you'll learn to turn any item of clothing into a costume and best of all, you'll realise the positive impact you can have on the lives of our incredible campers.

  • How to Apply & Assessment Process How to Apply & Assessment Process Our assessments are a time to get to know you and see you interact with others. Our assessments are a relaxed affair; we make sure there is lots of fun, games and laughter.
  • Cabin Counsellor Job Description Cabin Counsellor Job Description **Positions Filled for 2018** The cabin counsellor is a role model, friend, leader and mentor for our campers. Each counsellor is responsible for a cabin group of 8 - 12 campers - living, eating, laughing, supporting and organising activities with their group.
  • Head Counsellor Job Description Head Counsellor Job Description **Positions Filled for 2018** We are looking for three experienced Camp Counsellors who are looking for a new role at Summer Camp with more responsibility. The Head Counsellor role is a leadership role at Camp Cooper - you will also be assisting with all aspects of running Camp.
  • Programme Director Job Description Assistant Programme Manager (6 month role) **Position Filled for 2018** Have you worked at an American Summer Camp? Did you love your experience there? If so, you could be a great candidate to work as an Assistant Programme Manager at Camp Cooper. The role runs from March 1st to September 7th.
  • Office Manager Job Description Office Manager Job Description We are looking for an Office Manager that is super organised, loves logistics and wants to work behind the scenes to ensure Camp runs smoothly.
  • Staff Training Staff Training Our 6-day intensive staff training week is a critical part of Camp Cooper. We set the tone for the summer and learn how to create a fun and positive atmosphere, how to run creative activities and how to ensure the campers are safe.
  • Counsellor In Training Programme (for 17 & 18 Year Olds) Counsellor In Training Programme (for 17 & 18 Year Olds) We offer a unique Counsellor-in-Training Programme for 17 & 18 year olds. This leadership programme allow young people the chance to develop and learn the skills needed to be a Counsellor and youth-worker.