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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Camp Cooper

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There are many other summer programmes out there but Camp Cooper is a unique experience. Find out why below!

  • 1) Camp Cooper is a Family Business 1) Camp Cooper is a Family Business Being a small summer camp (with 100 children and 25 staff), we get to know each child individually - we know which campers are away from home for the first time, who doesn't like to eat vegetables, who won their first game of tennis and who is feeling a little homesick.
  • 2) Parents and Campers love Camp Cooper 2) Parents and Campers Love Camp Cooper! We are proud to say that our 2016 camper families rated their Camp Cooper experience 9.5/10 and 100% of them would recommend us to a friend!!!
  • 3) Camp Spirit & Spontaneity 3) Camp Spirit & Spontaneity From colour competitions to singing in the dining hall to wearing fancy dress to the Camp dance; Camp is a place where anything is possible! Games, songs, dances and dressing up are all part of the Camp atmosphere.
  • 4) Our Activities 4) Our Activities Activities at Camp are a mix of free choice, small-group and all-camp to create the perfect balance for campers to try new activities and develop their skills. Campers get to create their own personalised schedule by picking two electives per week to specialise in.
  • 5) Make (Best) Friends From Around The World 5) Make (Best) Friends From Around The World Camp Cooper is a truly international Summer Camp. Campers come from all around the world to create friendships and connections that will last a life-time.
  • 6) Engaging English Language Tuition 6) Engaging English Language Tuition Our English language lessons provide daily instruction from specialist English teachers. Our structured classes are designed to practice student’s core skills including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening skills with an emphasis on improving student’s confidence in spoken English.
  • 7) Our Philosophy 7) Our Philosophy Camp Cooper advocates taking young people out of their comfort zone and giving them new and exciting challenges to gain new skills, forge new relationships and broaden their horizons & aspirations. Young people will learn to work together and develop life skills which will last beyond their summer at Camp.
  • 8) Our Staff 8) Our Staff Our staff are our greatest asset. They work at Camp Cooper because they love working with children and teens. We carefully select those who have the enthusiasm, patience and passion needed to create a summer of fun, laughter and memories which our campers will never forget. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:4.
  • 9) Build Life-Long Skills: Teamwork, Leadership & Communication 9) Campers Build Important Life Skills: Kindness, Resilience, Independence and Confidence We design our programme to develop key life-skills that carry on years after Camp. At Camp Cooper there are approximately 100 campers and 25 staff who come together to create a special environment full of positivity, enthusiasm and kindness.
  • 10) Cooper Is The Coolest Dog In The World 10) Cooper Is The Coolest Dog In The World How many dogs have a Camp named after them? We're guessing not many. We named Camp after Cooper because he also loves Camp - there's nothing he loves more than hanging out with campers and being part of all the fun.